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12 Days Of Christmas 2018 info

12 Days Of Christmas 1-Day Offers – from 1st-12th December 2018

Our first 12 Days Of Christmas one day only deals starts this Saturday, and will run daily until the 12th December, with a new deal every day, starting at 9.30am and ending at 9pm.

So, what can you expect?

1) There will be a new deal every day. Which, will include discounts on numerous products from across the store.

2) As per all current store listings, most of the products in each deal will be available signed or unsigned by the artist(s).

3) Some of these products will include bundles not available anywhere else.

4) Your chance to pre-order upcoming releases at a reduced rate.

5) The final offer (on 12th Dec.) will be a selection of Mystery Bundles. 

There will be six different Mystery Bundle options to chose from, starting at £10.00!

Each Mystery Bundle will contain various...and numerous items picked by our staff from across the store, up to double the value (full retail price) of the selected bundle. 

So, if you purchase the £10 Mystery Bundle, you'll receive up to £20 worth of stock, et cetera.

If you purchase more than one Mystery Bundle, even if it’s the same one, we won’t include identical titles.

Products in these Bundles will be from across the store, and may have been available individually on one of the previous 11 days, so if you have placed any orders during those days, we will do our best to avoid duplicate items in your Mystery Bundle order.

NOTE: There is no pre-planned list of products to be included in each Mystery Bundle, so each Bundle will be picked and packed per order.

Each daily offer will be running from 9.30am to 9pm, but stock is limited, and some offers may sell out well before 9pm. So, don’t delay on ordering when these offers go live at 9.30am every day! 

Purchase Restrictions

You may place more than one order per day, but due to the limited levels of stock per product, we ask you to be considerate to other customers and keep it at one, unless it’s absolutely necessary.  If you do require additional units, contact us on the day to make us aware, and we’ll sort something out.

Orders and dispatch times

If you include any product(s) in addition to an item that’s part of the 12 Days Of Christmas promotion, they may be dispatched separately, or at different times.

Some orders may be shipped separately, depending on the products purchased within that order.

For any products purchased as part of the 12 Days Of Christmas promotion that is a pre-order, that product(s) will be dispatched when stock is available.  We aim for this to either be the day of release, or sooner.

We will aim to ship all orders as soon as possible, but there is no guarantee that these orders will arrive in time for Christmas. Especially if ordered from outside of the UK. We aim to ship all orders within 5 working days of the order being placed, but due to a potential high number of orders, this may take a bit longer. Once again, any pre-ordered products will be shipped on day of release, or sooner.

Some of the products we are offering (like t-shirts) are printed to order, so there may be a delay shipping an order that contains any of these products, or they may be shipped separately.

Refunds and returns

If you purchase an item(s) that arrives damaged or faulty, this will be handled as per our regular policy as noted on the F.A.Q page.

And, that’s it for now.  Any further questions or queries can be found either in our F.A.Q page, or by emailing info@interceptstudios.com.